Cars for smiles Barcelona 2016

Speed ​​and adrenaline at the Barcelona Circuit

For the second year in a row, Cars4Smiles made the dreams of its protagonists come true. The event took place on Saturday May 21st at the Barcelona-Catalunya Circuit, ​​the venue for the well known Formula 1 and Moto GP races.

The day began at 10 o’clock in the morning at the Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I Hotel, where a total of 50 participants with their sports and exclusive cars met to greet the boys and girls who would become their co-pilots.

Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin and other automotive jewels were some of the luxury brands that toured around the circuit for an hour in the hands of professionals and even familiar faces to sport or competition, such as Xavier Foj, who once again has returned to participate in C4S.

Yet again, speed and adrenaline are the star components that managed to bring a smile to our young co-pilots faces. After the thrilling experiences at the circuit, all the attendees finished off their fantastic day by enjoying a cocktail at our initial meeting point.