Cars4Smiles Team

Cars for Smiles is a non-profit making charity dedicated to supercars and motorsport. We are a multidisciplinary and international team that works to improve the quality of life for boys and girls who suffer from serious illnesses.

The activities and events we organize are linked to the world of motorsport, featuring exclusive and high-end sports cars that provide the opportunity for our boys and girls to become official “Co-pilots” of Cars for Smiles, so that they can have fun with other participants and enjoy an exciting day in the world of dream supercars, brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Aston Martin and a few carefully selected others.

In addition to this “injection of positive energy” we also raise funds for projects linked to hospitals, foundations and other associations that we collaborate with in cities just about everywhere. For each event we choose one or several projects where we believe that our co-pilots and their families will get the most possible direct benefit.

Volunteering for Cars for Smiles is a rewarding experience!

In Cars for Smiles we create a very special environment with objectives tailored to each volunteer who commits themselves to Cars for Smiles. The involvement of everyone who signs up depends on themselves and can be either as a volunteer during event days or as a developer of a task or objective within the local or international organization. Make your experience and knowledge even more valuable through Cars for Smiles, and at the same time Cars for Smiles will offer you, in return, experience, contacts and friendships, as well as the huge satisfaction of knowing you are helping people who really need it.

Help us make more young people and their families happier. Sign up!

To register, just go to the “I want to be a volunteer!” page or send your CV to, highlight how you would like to participate and include a rough estimate of the time you can dedicate to Cars for Smiles.