Cars4Smiles is a fun and supportive event organized by drivers, sponsors and volunteers on a non-profit basis. The event is made possible not only thanks to the work of our team and the drivers who have chosen to register with us, but also thanks to the contributions of our sponsors.

From a company’s perspective, the fact of being involved in social work is increasingly important. The human side of a company shows who is behind the organization. Any sponsorship is intended to cover the expenses of the event, such as space, catering, gifts, materials, as well as the projects undertaken by our hospitals/foundations collaborating associations that we support financially at each event (announced at each event). In return, a sponsor receives visibility from a different perspective to that of their business (image of the brand etc.) and an opportunity to participate in spectacular events (public relations) that make young people and their families, who are going through difficult times, smile for a day.

For this reason, we appreciate all the help that our drivers, sponsors and volunteers have offered us over the years and we invite those who are not currently participating, to join us.

¡Without them, C4S is not possible!

For more information, contact us using our email: