Become a Cars for Smiles driver and make a young girl or boy happy, they need it so much! Alternatively collaborate as a volunteer for the organisation!

Owners of super cars (drivers): first of all, we thank you for your interest in participating in our Cars for Smiles event. It will be a unique opportunity to enjoy your car as never before, to share and make a dream come true for our co-pilots who suffer from various serious illnesses and, in doing so, improve their quality of life and that of their families.

So, what is the plan for an event day?

09:30 – Participants welcome reception

10.30 – Opening ceremony

11:00 – On to the circuit

13:00 – Sprints around the circuit

14.30 – Lunch

16:00 – Return

16.30 – Cocktail y closing speeches

*Timings may be subject to variations depending on the event and location

Numbers of available places at an event will be limited and a selection will be applied to the models of cars accepted.  For this reason, a particularly high-end sports car is required in order to participate.

Any car which is registered to take part during the day of the event must possess an up to date legal documentation and be adequately insured.

Participation costs minimum 150 euros per car. 100% of the funds collected will be used for charitable purposes. Each event will support a local project. The identity of the selected project will be announced at the event.

What are the next steps?

1.- Fill in the form and wait for confirmation of your place.

2.- Once your place has been confirmed, make payment using the details provided in the confirmation e-mail.

Register as a driver!