As mentioned earlier this year; “Cars for Smiles goes abroad”, we now announce a first pre-event in the city of Hjørring, Denmark on September 23, 2021.

This pre-event will be for the collaborative entities, drivers and other participants. The real event, for our co-pilots, will be most certainly, towards the summer of 2022.

Andreas Baand, a very enthusiastic and energetic VP of Sales with a very big heart, is leading Cars for Smiles into Denmark!

We have been in contact with Andreas for several years and he has been following all our events and developments. Andreas is determined to bring the Cars for Smiles experience to his city, Hjørring, and hopefully to other Danish cities. If you live in Denmark and would like to volunteer, please let us know.

Due to the Covid-19 situation and uncertainty about “Covid rules” and restrictions, Andreas proposed to organize a pre-event for collaborating parties and participants. During this event we count very proudly with the collaboration of top dealer and we will present our plans for Cars for Smiles in Denmark in their amazing facilities.

A danish VIP from the racing world will be present! Want to know who? Please join and bring your super car to Autoteknika on Thursday September 23 at 18:00h. Læsøvej 9, 9800, Hjørring.

Please subscribe here if you would like to join the event and learn more about Cars for Smiles:

Many thanks to Andreas and Autoteknika for making this happen. A special thank you to our VIP.

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